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    Alife is a brand under the management of footstep. The product is durable rubber tile. Resistant to water and resistant to moisture and termites. Produced with quality raw materials. And modern machinery. With the automation of the origin of vinyl tile is beautiful and outstanding. Alife Vinyl has a wide range of colors and durability.

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    Cork floors are exceptionally beautiful, naturally comfortable and remarkably warm. FOOTSTEP is the dealer in cork flooring so if an environmentally friendly floor is for you, you're in the right place.

    CorkWood has been engineered to bring you all the best-liked benefits of other floors in one superior, all-inclusive flooring solution. Now you can experience the beautiful look of and feel of hardwood, without some of its natural limitations.

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    Engineered hardwood is a versatile alternative to solid wood. Unlike solid hardwood, which is one piece of wood milled from a tree, engineered wood flooring is actually made of several wood plies (layers) that are fused together under heat and pressure.

    Engineered hardwood flooring adds warmth and value to your home. With a variety of finishes, species and widths – you’re sure to find the perfect match for your home. If sustainability is a priority of yours, engineered floors tend to be a more eco-friendly option.

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    FootStep is a delicate brand name of laminate flooring which means to provide the world with a refreshing product of laminate flooring. FootStepFloor focus on higher technology on the floor industry. The name of "FootStepFloor" is actually a combination of two words: Decoration- as FootStep devotes itself to building a time-honored brand in the decoration material industry.


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    Armstrong Laminate Flooring Laminate floors offer homeowners the look of natural wood, ceramic tile or slate that is both affordable and easy to maintain. Because laminate floors are moisture resistant they can be used in areas where traditional hardwoods can’t such as a basement, laundry room or bathroom. Armstrong Flooring’s laminate products meet or exceed all environmental, health and safety requirements – including formaldehyde emissions – as mandated by the U.S. federal government and applicable state regulatory agencies such as the California Air Resources Board.

    Fractal Shade

    FRACTAL SHADE "COMOLEVI" concept: Design Innovations for Next generation: A Japanese word 'Comolevi' stand for the sunlight filtering from leaves. The Fractale Shade "COMOLEVI", is as innovative as it is stunning. The design is inspired by nature incorporating geometric shapes, where each piece resembles the others, similar to leaves or the pattern of a tree branch. A fractal architectural triumph is shade engineering and design, it's constructed to withstand the harshest global environmets; urban radiant heat and strong wind. LOSFEE patented the fractal-grade construction system and modular operating system provide extreme durability, dependability and ease of use. Available in nature and contemporary designs, the fractal shade perfectly complements any environment desiring luxurious styling, unparalleled cooling performance and a pleasant ambience as if you are relaxing under the tree and in the tree shade. In near future, Fractal Shade "COMOLEVI" mitigates urban heat islands and global warning issues.

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